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After a brief respite, Artificial Lite is creaking back into life. Pete and I are still lure fishing once a week, still messing around with poles and lures, perch and zander. We are still dibbling and jigging our way around the midlands, looking for more effective ways to catch fish from its canals, lakes and rivers, but mostly I have to admit, from its canals.

That hasn't changed but the focus of the site has, slightly. Instead of a trip by trip account of our fishing, I hope to write more generally about lessons learned and problems faced and/or overcome along the way.

I have also set off on a new adventure, having developed an interest in sea fishing. I appreciate that most of this site's original readership may have no interest in sea fishing, particularly with bait, and have split the site into two distinct parts, so that nobody has to wade through pages of material that they have no interest in. That said, fish are fish, whether they live in the Bristol channel or the Kennet and Avon canal, and for too long, I believe anglers have ignored lessons learned in one discipline that may have a beneficial effect on their results in another.

By the way I have moved all of my existing articles into the archive section. Due to a fair dose of my own technical incompetence, some images may be temporarily missing, but rest assured I am working my way through the site in an effort to rectify the faults.

I write this rubbish for myself really. It is something I can look back at and remember those trips with Pete and all the other friends I have made through fishing. It helps me gather my thoughts and ideas together. If you find it interesting too that is just great, if you don't, well thanks for calling by. Have fun.




artificial lite
artificial lite
artificial lite