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beach bum.

artificial lite.

A little help from my friends.

We all like to feel that we are in control, that we know what we are doing, but we are often reluctant to admit that others know more. I often find myself arguing a point against people better placed to know what they are talking about, rather too eager to have the last word, but so, so often, sober reflection back at home almost always leads me to learn the lessons that I should have admitted in the first place.

Four times this morning, I had cause to thank George’s insight and those were four lessons well learned. I was back on the cut in pursuit of roach and hybrids, but recent visits have been difficult. Not hopeless, I have always caught something decent, but with numbers reduced and rather unproductive trips out on the res and to the canal with lures, my enthusiasm had been moderated somewhat.

I have suffered a spate of lost fish. It wasn’t a problem initially, but now that times are harder, every lost fish is a trauma. “You’re using the wrong hooks.”

But then I have always used these.

My leader material long -used and much -loved has suddenly become annoying. It curls up like a pig’s tail however carefully I tie my knots. “You’re using the wrong hook-length material.”

But I have always used this.

Instead of feeding like mad things right up until the first boat comes along, they go off after half an hour. When they are off on the canal, they are off - big time. “Move, why don’t you? You’ll get more bites straight away.”

But they always fed until the boats started.

My floats are causing issues. They seem to be hard to set when there is any drift. “ Your float is too big and the bulk shot too heavy, they are pulling the tell-tale along the bottom.”

Never thought of that either.

So today I used a smaller float with a bulk of 3BB rather than 6, I bought some kamasan B560s and some drennan supplex fluorocarbon. I had no trouble setting the float. When it moved it was always a bite. I never lost a fish and my hook lengths are lovely and straight. Oh, and when the bites dried up, I moved and caught two extra fish immediately.

I might not know what I am doing, but I know a man that does. Actually I know two, but I can’t agree with Pete on principle, we’d have nothing to argue about.

So the long and short of it was, fishing in the dark for the first two hours and watching my float by the light of my head torch, I had a 3-3 bream, a 2-14 hybrid and three smaller fish between a half and two pounds. It was good to be back.



artificial lite