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beach bum.

artificial lite.

All in the dark.

Looking back through my previous ramblings it is immediately noticeable that I don’t know a lot about a lot more than I do know about. If that is an unintelligible mouthful then focus on the words ‘don’t know’ and you will understand where I am coming from. I know bugger all basically. The more I learn, the less I know.

I go to a supposedly hard venue like my local canal and do just fine. I make repeated visits to a commercial that produces match weights of between forty and eighty pounds three times a week, and catch nothing. What could be worse than being unable to buy a bite, literally. Beats me, all ends up. I suspect that I am a laughing stock on the pool. The owner is beginning to sound apologetic when he takes my money and the regulars seem to know something I don’t.

“It’s too shallow where you are fishing, the deep water is in the side. He had a digger in there last year and it couldn’t reach right over. You should be in the deep water!” Aha, a clue. Back out with the plummet, after all they are quite right, it is only 30” deep in the middle, and it doesn’t take me long to find out how much deeper the near side is. It’s six inches deeper at most, so that’s a load of old pony then.

I’ve fished six swims on the last three visits, half a day in each. Not a bite, but then I should be up in the open water of the basin apparently where it is eight feet deep (four feet by my plummet, but what do I know). That’s where all the fish are. Cue my latest three hour blank.

I’ve never fished anywhere in my life with bread punch and not had any bites at all. Quite clearly it is because of the otters, cormorants, Pike, East Europeans, the weather, the bait, the swims, the rigs and no wait, I have it; I must be bloody useless. I have seen the kingfisher catch more here than I have over the last fortnight.

So today, I get up half an hour before I go to bed and I’m fishing the cut in the dark by the light of my head torch. I fish big bits of bread on the lift method popped up off bottom on a 4.4 lbs hooklength and catching a stunning roach of   1-3 along with another around 12 oz, a small skimmer, a hybrid and miss a couple of good bites AND, I’m back home before breakfast.

For the golden oldies among you....

  It's a mystery, it's a mystery

  I'm still searching for a clue

  It's a mystery to me

  shot in the dark

  The big question mark in history

  Is it a mystery to you?


artificial lite