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Utter filth

We had seen the last boat barrel into the bridge and it had barely thrashed its way free when we arrived.

October 2016


Looking for water

Over the years more fish come from areas containing particular features than come from others..

October 2016


Matters of greed

.....a pointless exercise in the bloody minded refusal to use bait.

October 2016


Winds of change

Suddenly two hours had passed and the wind was biting like a rabid dog.

November 2016


More ice with it

...from a strip of water less than a foot wide that remained unfrozen...

December 2016



Clarity of thought

a couple of times I made a determined effort to knock the fish off

November 2016

The big perch fairy

Somewhere, somehow, a switch has been thrown by someone.

December 2016


Phantom fishing

I wonder if we put the same effort in to understanding why we struggle...

January 2017

Tiny tools

My first fish hooped the rod over and raced around...

February 2017

Feel my pain

...lure fishing is without a doubt the worst method going for causing backache.

November 2017

Four spice, same as it ever was.

Logic says they have just moved back, but God only knows, I don’t.

November 2017

Nothing day

all the morning's despondency leaks away like the air from a badly tied balloon.

December 2017

artificial lite

A fisherman’s friends

R I P Terry Mann, our friend.

May 2019