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A bad attack of the crabs.

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Over the last couple of years, my visits to the coast of West Sussex have taught me two things; at all the venues I have fished so far I cannot rely on any fish being there and that when they do turn up, they will be small.

That is why my standard beach rods and big reels were left at home to be replaced in the holdall by the 12 ft bass rods and new penn slammer liveliners. I still had no idea where to go or what to fish for when I set off, but ultimately, The weather forecast of very cold easterly winds and the fact that I had left my shelter at home steered my thinking in the general direction of river flounders.

Whether it is a actually the case or not, I get the impression that there are more in the Adur than the Arun, and so I settled for making that my first destination. High tide would be at 10.15 am so in an effort to fish it most of the way up, I was trudging through crisply-frosted grass by the light of my trusty head lamp.

It's hard enough choosing a spot on a new water in the daylight, but by the light of a torch it is almost impossible. In the end, I secured a spot where the tide would wind its way between a couple of substantial mudbanks. These would generate slack areas where any food being carried by the flow would drop to the bottom and hopefully attract flounders.

It seemed a sensible and logical decision to me, but sadly not to the fish. Unfortunately it did seem very sensible and logical to the crabs. I never had a touch from a flounder that I know of, but cranked in three crabs on every bait, on every cast.

I can't deny that I was disappointed. There are a lot of flounders caught from this river in winter, and being told by a passing dog walker that she had seen somebody catching them further downstream on the previous day suggests that they are about.

So, I hope to fit in another day this week. Do I go back and fish further down or cut my losses and go back to the beach?



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