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Leaking money

A Penn Affinity long cast 8000 set the tills ringing. What a machine!

July 2016


When tomorrow comes

Herein lie the lessons for today. You have to go a lot for the good days to even get close to the bad ones.

August 2016


Kingsmill bass

If anything, bites were better then as fish came up in the water to take the bait and then dived back to the bottom.

August 2016


The three hundred and one pound eel

And think I did. That was a bite I thought.

September 2016


Much ado about nothing

Should I have gone for distance, or smaller baits?

September 2016


Muddy dogs

...wallowing around on the edge of a muddy Bristol channel mark.

October 2016


Why on earth??

... it was my first undulate ray that upset the apple cart.

July 2016


Waiting for ever

It was so quiet, so peaceful. No traffic noise, just a plaintive curlew calling occasionally....

October 2016


Remembering why

Can crabs really pull the tip down three or four inches?

November 2016


School of hard knocks

What’s this flapping across the gravel towards me?

December 2016


A study in brown

....and lifted my prize from the mud.

December 2016



Expensive may be better, but not quite as wet is still wet in my book.

December 2016


Bloody Miserable Weather

..today it was going to be thornbacks, conger or bust,

January 2017


Suffolk punch

Cast it out, wind it in, strip off the weed, re-bait and repeat.

February 2017


Floundering about

A landscape at low tide of vast sandbanks and deep channels.

March 2017


Closer to lunch

It is all a matter of knowing just where the last few rocks are.

April 2017


Crabbing about..

....because the crabs beat the fish to the bait all the time?

April 2017


Sodium deficiency

...no time for coffee, the same rod was off again.

August 2017


Excessive wind

...the right hand rod straightened spectacularly.

August 2017


Tide race

A hideous great head appeared out of the weed.

September 2017


Bream magnet

They fought hard, were great fun and all came to the one bass rod.

October 2017


Isle of dogs

No record- breakers then, but great sport all the same in an unrivalled setting.

November 2017


Re-inventing the wheel

It was dark, very dark, the first time in fact that I had ever sea fished at night.

April 2018


Last resort

It was the black snot which struck first...

June 2018


Just do it

Here, two ounce leads float in the rip ...

July 2018


A bad attack of crabs.

...three crabs on every bait...

November 2018





‘Ting, ‘ting club

It was nice to be back on the shingle ...

November 2018





artificial lite

Going the distance

... I saw the tip pull down again.

December 2018