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3 February 2016 - Breaking bad


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4 December 2015

Loose leaves

In my world, lure fishing is a puzzle. A puzzle solved not so much in the tackle shop, but out on the bank and later at home inside what I like to think of as my brain. Pete and I have spent countless hours over the last ten or more years arguing the toss over things that ultimately didn’t make any difference to either our catches or our enjoyment, but every so often something evolves that does make a difference. Our catches have gone from three fish being a bumper day to a dozen fish being a poor one and annually blanks can now be counted on the fingers of one hand without having to take our shoes and socks off. This additional series of articles will be included on my blog pages as and whenever I have something to say that I believe might either help someone catch more fish or point them in the direction of something that will. It is me thinking out loud, and I accept no responsibility for the fact that a lot of it will turn out to be total balls. Hopefully on the way you may find a nugget or two that helps.   





Loose connections

10 December 2015

Truth or lie?

3 February 2016

Breaking bad

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