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December 2015 - More and bigger

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journal 2015.

The company Christmas meet today. It wasn’t planned that way, but somehow, we ended up four strong and looking for a result from an old faithful of a spot. Terry was up from further south, Sharkey was down from further north, the fish were away somewhere else for Christmas. Not all of them, in fact the first half hour promised a bumper attendance, but I think we were just rounding up the caretakers and the drunks left over from the Christmas party that had clearly taken place when we were elsewhere.

My first fish came within ten minutes of starting, nine of which I had spent trying to clip a lure on in the dark. It looked enormous to me, very wide across the belly and I was thinking in terms of three pounds until I lifted the bag to put it on the scales. It felt so light that I was grateful for the two pounds six ounces it was prepared to part with. Nevertheless it was a great start and when Sharkey had a nice fish of about a pound and a half soon after, the omens were good. Unfortunately the omens were lying.

Sometimes after a difficult session, we can’t help wondering if we were just doing the wrong thing. You know, we dibbled when we should have spun or jerked. Today with four of us all trying different things, I would be hard pushed to think of something that we could have tried but didn’t. We all had hits. Not many, maybe two to four each. Some fell off, I finished with one more small perch, Sharkey lost a couple of Zs, Pete had one or two tiddlers and terry nicked a couple of perch to 1-10, but it was frankly disappointing for a trip that was supposed to be a party.

Some took the ned baits, including the two biggest , others came to straight retrieves and dibbling. Nobody set the world on fire. Even the wind which was kind at the beginning came back to plague us later on and we were glad to get up the pub early. As yet another difficult morning drew to a close, the toast for next year could only be, “here’s to more and bigger”, and I hope that it works out that way for all of you as well, especially those who regularly follow our misguided and hapless efforts. Happy Christmas, and I hope that Santa leaves you all the lures you want, but especially the ones you need.

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journal 2015.