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beach bum.

artificial lite.

First of the winter.

That’s a strange fortnight under my belt. I started it in Scotland, catching pollack and dogfish, worked my way through a club water fishing the feeder to no avail, lures on the canal catching perch and zander, had a day on a commercial using the pole and finished back where I belong on the cut this morning using the lift method and breadflake.

The club water was a first time visit. It was lovely and although extremely popular, comparatively empty and sadly unproductive. Of course that was most probably my fault. I am still getting back into my bait fishing and spent the whole morning experimenting with different rigs, finally getting some decent, if unfulfilled, bites just as we had to leave. Of course I was on bread again, having no great desire to mess about with all the other stuff at the moment. I like bread, it’s as cheap, no, cheaper than chips and just about everything I want to catch eats it. It’s not used much these days either except perhaps on the top for pasties.

Work is drying up as winter ushers in more miserable weather, so I have a little more time to do as I please. Obviously that means more fishing but with the canal only really fishing up to about 8.30 am, I have been looking for a quiet commercial that might hold some silver fish to practice upon. I found one yesterday just a hundred yards from one of my best canal spots and decided to give it a go.

I fancy using the pole to seek out some better fish, but despite it being one of my favourite styles of fishing and having all the gear sitting about at home, I was woefully out of practice. A day tucked in an out of the way corner re-familiarising myself with the method seemed like a good idea. I fished punched bread over liquidised bread as always and caught a fair few, maybe 4lbs of small fish, the best being half a dozen really pretty rudd between 3 and 6 oz.


Clearly I am not going to be pulling up any trees to start with but I enjoyed myself enormously. So much in fact that I was undecided as to whether I should bother getting out on the canal in the dark this morning. I am very glad I did.

It was pitch black at 5 am when I started but as usual I was straight into fish, catching three in short order. Two bream of one to one and a half pounds and a cracking roach of 1-2. Mission accomplished. As it got light, so the bites died away and to be honest I was getting impatient to leave but decided on an extra hour over a fresh dollop of feed.

Somehow I seem to have moved in a few short weeks from believing that it was the boats that killed the fishing, to wondering if it is the daylight.



Anyway, it was another good decision as I caught a nice hybrid of 1-11 followed shortly after by another lovely roach at 1-1. That makes seven roach so far I believe only one of which was under a pound, although they do seem to be much of a size with five coming out between one and one pound two. Possibly my first brace? Not sure on that but at the moment I just want to retire so I can do this every day. I know it is wrong and foolish to wish one’s life away but a fast forward button would be nice.

artificial lite