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And so it begins

I have been floatfishing using the lift method.

June 2017


Up in the water

...and it wasn't exactly what I had been expecting when I cast in.

July 2017


Dowly day

...an awkward wind clawing at my neck, irritated because I had turned my back to it.

July 2017


A very useful tip

...I just freelined bread and pinched a single AA on three inches from the hook..

June 2017


Move on up

It was a relief to hook the first fish at five feet,

August 2017


Rainy days and Wednesdays

...but Pete was mad keen to try hemp and tares for roach,

August 2017


A sign of things to come.

...my first roach and a cracker too..

August 2017


Such a perfect day.

The hair-fine tip of my fishing rod curved delicately into the mist ...

August 2017


Easing off.

...the float was wobbling drunkenly around in circles five yards away.

September 2017


A host’s dilemma.

...catch a few of these hybrids, bite a chuck, easy...

September 2017


A little help from my friends.

I might not know what I am doing, but I know a man that does.

September 2017



....is devoted to the pursuit of silver fish

June 2017


First of the winter.

The first bites came within half an hour , in the dark, by the light of my head torch,

November 2017


Night flight.

...it is wrong and foolish to wish one’s life away but a fast forward button would be nice.

November 2017


All in the dark

I don’t know a lot about a lot more than I do know about.

December 2017


Hard water

...the canal section was frozen, the lake was flooded ...

December 2017


Ain’t that the truth.

I blame the conditions.

January 2018


Roach season.

This trip has just received an upgrade from satisfying to perfect.

October 2018


Hybrid vigour.

A three pound hybrid is a very good fish...

October 2018



...employ tension to negate the effects of the large shot

November 2018


Waiting for the gift...

...of sound and vision

November 2018





Bigger and better

...a big roach just about anywhere...

February 2019


artificial lite