Alan Mee has a tremendous variety of small baits on his site and it is my go-to shop for small soft lures. A great selection of quality jigheads as well. I can particularly recommend the 3” big hammer shads. Excellent service and prices too.

Another excellent on-line shop for the light lure angler. Artur has excellent ranges of Dragon light lure rods, kopyto shads, jigheads and small crankbaits.

The links you will find on this page are all to people and sites that I know to be worthwhile and trustworthy. I do not add companies on request, only once their service and products have convinced me that they are worth spending my hard-earned money with. These are the companies that I use all the time. Blogs and personal sites are those of people whose opinions I value and who have something valid and entertaining to say.

Dave Lumb is an entertaining and interesting writer, fine photographer and well-respected maker of high quality fishing rods.

The meeting place for anybody interested in lure fishing for any species. Events, a high quality full colour magazine and an active and lively forum make membership a very worthwhile experience. There is a lot of lure angling knowledge here whether you are a jerkbaiter or an ultra-light fanatic.


journal 2016.

loose connections.


New online lure fishing  mag from the DHP stable. Editor Steve Philips is a lure angler with a wide field of interest. Something for everyone in here. Some great photography too.

I’ve bumped into George a couple of times now and I like his style. Old school angler - not lures, but we have a lot in common.

Not just lure fishing this one, but the Editor, Rob Smith is a mad keen lure angler and gets in what he can. Keep an eye out for a familiar name in the credits, I do some photo-journalism for them. It gets me out and about and lets me see what the bait guys are up to so that I can nick their ideas and use them to fish properly. Find it on the newstand.