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April 2014 - A torrent of tiny fun

There was no question about it. Drop shotting was back on my agenda today. I am suffering from a severe case of awesome fish envy.If Alan can catch 4 bs perch on the method, then I fail to see any reason why I can’t catch something at least. So, back in the box it all goes and we march down to the water full of misplaced confidence.

It only took fifteen minutes and I had misplaced my confidence altogether. First drop in, rattle bang, small perch. Second drop in rattle, bump, small perch. Third and numerous further drop ins resulted in absolutely nothing and by the time it had dawned on me that the DS wasn’t working anymore, Pete was on about his tenth to more usual straight retrieves. More usual retrieves that is if not more normal coloured baits. Powder puff pink, I ask you, whatever next. You couldn’t even salvage any credibility by calling it bubble gum ice, it was just face powder pink. I suppose every colour has to work once, it certainly hadn’t before.

There was absolutely nothing else for it. Off came the lead, on went the yellow tripple ripple. I might switch to the successful method, but I wouldn’t be seen dead doing anything in pink.

It worked straight away. Fish after fish from right in the middle of the torrent. Two boats at a time, the hoards were driving the water out of the lock and still the little Zs couldn’t get enough of it. It had been a slow start, but as the day got busier, the fish did too.

Sadly they couldn’t have been smaller, ranging between half a pound and half an ounce, but there is absolutely no substitute for takes and the excitement of that electric rattle at the rod tip which came over and over again. Some of them couldn’t get even our tiny baits in, settling for yanking on the tail and pulling the grub around the hook, but it was great fun for all that.

I had long settled for a steady morning’s tiddler bashing, but Pete was made of sterner stuff. Fishing his curly tail on a small worm hook he fished it slow and deep and eventually helped himself to a nice perch of around a pound before changing lures once more and topping it up with a bigger fish of maybe one and a half. He is on a roll at the moment, out fishing me every week and somehow seeming to stick the hook in bigger fish as well. I shall have to charge him more for diesel if he carries on like this.

I hope that you find my journal interesting and entertaining. If, having read this, you think that I am talking rubbish then at least you have stopped and thought about it long enough to come to that conclusion which is something of a result in my book. If you would like to comment on this article or anything else relating to my website, please feel free to contact me using the adjacent form. Feedback is always greatly appreciated and very helpful when it comes to improving both my site and my angling. Thank you for looking.

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