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It certainly isn’t the view that attracts us, or the scintillating small-talk of tattooed yoofs exercising their bull terriers. Maybe it is  because there are always a few small jacks ready to slash at our lures; instantly making our pulses race until we realise that the swirl is lying about the size of the fish that made it.

January 2010 - This is why we go

Why on earth would anybody want to fish here beneath the shadow of the cooling towers?

Or behind the run-down graffiti-covered walls that are all that is left of a city’s prosperity. Or amongst the vandalism and the trash that that gathers around an inner city canal.

Well? Why would you do that?

It could be the few small perch hanging around the leaking lock gates that can’t resist a small spinner worked beneath the floating raft of rubbish which so admirably tells all you need to know about how much we care about the environment. But it isn’t, not really.

This is why we do it.

No matter how grey the surroundings, how much rubbish we chuck in, no matter what we do to make life hard for our wildlife; every so often fish like theses come out of the woodwork to brighten the day. Quality fish in good condition that fight hard and make it all worth the effort.

These fish would be beautiful and fun to catch from any water but in surroundings like this they are even more precious. Just what could be better on a bitterly cold, gloomy winter’s morning than a fish like this pound and a half perch, or this sizeable pike? Hard-earned fish from hard-faced waters that tell you why urban luring can be so interesting.





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journal 2013.